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=='''<u>storyline levels</u>'''==
=='''<u>storyline levels</u>'''==
#'''sand central station'''
#[[sand central station]]
#'''times square off'''
#'''times square off'''
#'''exploratory laboratory'''
#'''exploratory laboratory'''

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storyline levelsEdit

  1. sand central station
  2. times square off
  3. exploratory laboratory
  4. rock up at the lock up
  5. rebooted resooted
  6. red head destenation
  7. bifrosty reception
  8. juggernauts and crosses
  9. doctor in the house
  10. that sinking feeling
  11. taking liberties
  12. rapturous ride
  13. magnetic personality
  14. a doom with a view
  15. the good, the bad and the hungry


  1. tabloid tidy up (daily bugle)
  2. a shock withdrawl (the bank)
  3. house party protocol (stark tower)
  4. nuff said (marvel headquarters)
  5. feelinf frisky (fisk tower)
  6. put up your dukes (fogwell's gim)
  7. stunt show surpise (circus tent)
  8. reptilian ruckus (entral park)
  9. stranger danger (sanctum sanctorium)
  10. the trill of the chess (the raft)
  11. ???????????? (????)
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